Cyprus is well-connected, well-located and well-regulated with a climate that offers a great standard of living and well-being. Despite the size of the country, the favourable tax regime, excellent infrastructure facilities and services, the growth of energy, tourism and maritime industries, strong ties with Europe and the several programmes offering residency and citizenship for foreign nationals by investing in property, position Cyprus as an ideal destination for investment and living. In Cyprus, you will find a fascinating blend of historical attractions, a varied landscape, famed Mediterranean hospitality, modern commercial and residential buildings, golden sandy beaches and turquoise waters for pure relaxation. And of course, at the top of the list, is inclusion. Being an EU member, but also having close relationships with many countries across the globe, including Lebanon, gives people of all backgrounds and walks of life, opportunities to live, study, work and run a business without any hassle. The economic ties between Cyprus and Lebanon are historic and today our relationship is just as strong. Much of our shared success is down to the diplomatic and business links between our countries, as well as our joint commitment to further enhancing and upgrading our bilateral ties. This close relationship between Lebanon and Cyprus, has also helped us develop close ties with many Lebanese nationals, who have now become some of our most trusted associates. The synergies achieved by working with the Lebanese market allow us to draw on considerable and varied expertise to enhance the service offered to our clients. Each year, many Lebanese nationals rely on our expertise and experience when considering purchasing a property in Cyprus in exchange for a passport and visa-free access to Europe. Investors can encounter many difficulties when applying for citizenship or residency, which is why it is beneficial to have an expert in the local market to help you find the right property and provide you with personalised assistance throughout the process.   Our multicultural and multilingual advisers are readily available to ensure you receive the best possible advice and superb service, bringing you peace of mind in the following areas: real estate investment advice, citizenship schemes, legal services, real estate recommendation, and legal services .  Having an expert on hand every step of the way, from property search, purchase, application to after sales will prevent you from making mistakes and losing money.   Marinakis Developers offers substantial depth of property development and investment expertise, and is always at the forefront of the real estate industry, responding quickly to challenges, opportunities and trends. Invest in your future today by purchasing a real estate in Cyprus and benefit from the privileges of a second passport and/or a permanent residence permit in the EU Link to services page



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