Invest in Cyprus – Marinakis Developers provides ten reasons as to why property investors should think about Cyprus and the City of Larnaca when considering Where to buy their next holiday home.


Cyprus is the holiday hotspot for 2018. With growing holiday makers from across the globe heading to its golden beaches many property investors are considering real estate on the island for their next purchase.

Let’s look at what makes real estate investment in Cyprus so special and why tourists are drawn to the island year after year.

1. Destination

The untouched beauty of the Mediterranean, from its flourishing green mountains to the sandy beaches, provide people with a chance to escape from the City Life and be surrounded by nature’s best..

2. Lifestyle

The Cyprus lifestyle is one that draws people back time and time again. Many honeymooners, Families and friends become intoxicated by the relaxing, worry free atmosphere that surrounds the island, and return year after year to become immersed in the Calming way of life.

Chinese, Russian and European Cultures combined, make Cyprus What we see today. With so much diversity in food, music and clothing is what helps to attract tourists and investors back to the island.

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3. Business hub

Cyprus has been a foreign investment magnet for decades, transforming itself to the No1 European country in foreign investment. Cyprus tax incentives, combined with a number of competitive advantages, make it a very attractive destination for international business. That’s what Chris Koufaris the general secretary of Cyprus International Business Association (Ciba) told the press.

4. Cyprus investment program

With 2 Schemes up and running a lot of  Russian and Chinese investors invest in Cyprus for various reasons. Although in the beginning the objective is to become Cypriot residence , during the process they find out  that investing in Cyprus property is very profitable.


5. Weather

On top of everything else that Cyprus has to offer, the weather is the Cherry on top of the Cake. When the weather is good is very good. Hot days and cool nights in the summer and mild winters make Cyprus the perfect destination to head all year round.

6. Low tax Benefits

Those looking to invest in Cyprus property can benefit from low tax purchases. With one of the lowest tax rates in European Union Cyprus is the place to invest. Check out reasons to do business in Cyprus

Having looked at why investors are attracted to Cyprus, lets look at the benefits of investing in property in Larnaca.

7. A growing property market

Unlike other areas around Cyprus, Larnaca will grow faster than all other Cities due to 2 major changes that will take place in the next few years. The Larnaca marina and  the removal of the fuel tanks.




8. The Larnaca Marina

Larnaca’s future yachting Marina, the largest in Cyprus, with luxurious facilities, will set Larnaca as a Prime Mediterranean Tourist Destination, expecting significant benefits.

9. The removal of the Fuel tanks

On Thursday 3rd of May 2018 the president, Nicos Anastasiades, gave a helping hand in the demolition of the first fuel tank. The result of the removal of the fuel tanks to Vasiliko area will be to restore  the beach front of more than 15 kilometers.

10. Renting prospects

As Cyprus becomes more popular, so too has the interest in buy to let holiday property investments. Due to this increasing demand, more airlines are scheduling direct flights to Cyprus, meaning that even more holidaymakers are heading out to the island.

This – on top of the fact that Cyprus is getting very popular as a vacation destination, offers financial advantages for property investors looking to buy to rent out to holidaymakers.





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